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Zuli Smartplug: iBeacon for the home

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Turning Mobile Phones into 3D-Scanners

What makes a watch smart?

It's not a smartphone with a smaller screen. Interactions are as important as on a tv set. Therefore is a minimum of interaction needed. More important is the information displayed and how it trying to gain the wearer's attention (visual, acoustic and tactile).

Watches are still a status symbol. Instant individualization would fit in, like:

  • mood
  • social status
  • work status
  • fashion statements

A watch is a highly personal device. It could carry also highly personal information, which only could be accessed in combination with the owner of the data. That information could be:

  • Contact information (handshake for transfer)
  • Passwords and access authorization (virtual and spatial)
  • Money Transaction authorization

Activity trackers are partially established but still look more like labeling of the wearer. It's has a single purpose which soon will be obsolete. The iPhone M7 chip is heralding this.

The ingredients

 innovation = creativity + tacit \, knowledge



Web Summit 2013 | Panel Discussion: Elon Musk, Enda Kenny, Shervin Pishevar & Mark Little

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Crowdfunding - Christine Lagorio, Sam de Brouwer, Slava Rubin

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Motorola Announces “Project Ara,” a modular phone hardware platform

Motorola Announces “Project Ara,” a modular phone hardware platform

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